Egg-free Whole30 Breakfasts


If you’ve completed a Whole30, you’ve been there: you just can’t face yet another egg.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

After a few rounds, breakfast bakes, egg cups, and even the delightful fried egg on top of a hash get old. So, today I’m sharing with you some of my top egg-free tips and favorite options that you can incorporate into your Whole30 rotation. In fact, I keep these in my food freedom rotation, too!

Tips for Keeping it Egg-Free:

  1. Remember the all-important meal template, you need a palm-size or two of protein and there is absolutely no rule that this needs to come from eggs. This also means that the bulk and star of your dish does NOT have to be the protein. Many of us benefit from a little extra starch in our breakfast and a lot of fat to keep us full until lunch. Focus on those veggies and go from there.
  2. Treat bacon as a garnish. With only 3g of protein per slice, it won’t do much for you. Besides make you happy. Let’s face it, bacon is just around to make us happy.
  3. Replace eggs with sausages and reimagine your starch! This is 2018 and companies are starting to catch on that consumers want sugar and additive-free products. These days, I can find many more options at my general grocery stores, health food stores, and delivery services, like Butcher Box. Just check your labels for sneaky sugars like dextrose! I love to fry these up in some ghee next to a plantain. Add in some greens and maybe half an avocado and you’ve got yourself a complete plate.
  4. DIY sausages. Make a huge batch on Sunday to freeze or eat throughout the week. They don’t even have to be breakfast-y. This one is my favorite. I also like these. While you’re at it, batch cook your veggies and pre-shred your sweet potatoes.
  5. Mix up your proteins. We don’t need you sick of ground pork, too. Swap out ground chicken, turkey, or beef in your recipes. Get creative- it’s part of the Whole30 fun!
  6. Suck it up and eat some leftovers. Yeah, I know it takes some getting used to, but it’s already made and takes a minute or two to prepare. This tip does really well when you’ve prepped something else the night before- we want to prevent boredom, people! Have a yummy dressing, salsa, or seasoning (see: Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Blend) to pour over your pile of protein and veggies to change up the flavor profile.
  7. Reimagine your eggs. Sure, this isn’t something you want to do if you’re dealing with an allergy. But, if you’re just tired of plain old eggs, why not try:
    • cooking it a different way (poached or fried are delightful over a hash)
    • with some crispy leftover pork shoulder, like in the Pig in a Skillet
    • scrambled with compliant salami, potatoes, and veggies
    • make fritters with any shredded veggie, like these
    • make non-SWYPO savory sweet potato waffles, like these
  8. If you’re not already, you should be following the Whole30 recipes Instagram handle and saving recipes for inspo. These food bloggers are a wealth of food knowledge and know that you get sick of eggs.
  9. If you think you need more protein, add some Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides into your coffee (remember: this is a supplement, not a replacement for a food source of protein!).
  10. PREVENTION. Don’t get sick of eggs in the first place. Don’t eat them every single day for the first 15 days of your Whole30. Duh. Plan ahead and make sure at least 50% of your breakfasts don’t include them.


Egg-Free Recipes:


Whole30 Breakfast Meatloaf


Caramelized Fennel and Date Chicken Sausages


Breakfast Meatballs


Whole30 Sausage Gravy


Chicken-Ranch Breakfast Hash


Apple Sweet Potato Brussels Breakfast Hash

Egg-free Recipe Collections:

There are a lot of collections out there, but please be careful: not everything is Whole30 compliant. These are some recipes from bloggers I trust, but please, always read your ingredients and your labels. Remember, a lot of the egg-free stuff out there can be potentially SWPYO (sex with your pants on), so keep it clean people!



The Real Food Dieticians: 30 Egg-free Whole30 Breakfasts



Whole Kitchen Sink’s 40 Egg Free Whole30 Breakfast Recipes



Real Food with Dana’s 75+ Whole30 Breakfast Recipes

Yeah, I snuck that last one in there. She does have some egg-free recipes in there, but give eggs a chance! They don’t have to be the same thing every day.


*pictures and recipes belong to the talented food bloggers mentioned above, not me 

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